Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pick your battles

This morning, in the ladies' restroom at work, someone turned off the lights while I was in one of the stalls.

"Hey," I said loudly.

The lights did not come back on.

From another stall a polite voice called, "Excuse me, could you please --"

"Hey!" I shouted, and the lights were back on.

What a moron, I thought while I was washing my hands. What kind of idiot turns off the lights in a public restroom when there are clearly other people in there? I went back to the office and flung my bag under the desk. I turned to my boss and her assistant and said huffily, "I was just in the bathroom and --"

"It was me," said my boss.


"In the bathroom. Who turned off the lights. It was a reflex."


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