Friday, March 09, 2007

Let's all go to the lobby...

Over at Metroblogging Los Angeles, the all-important question has been asked: What treats are L.A.'s movie concession counters lacking? Although I appreciated DB's comment ("I'd like to see a wider selection of single malt whiskies"), the discussion devolved into the usual Red Vines vs. Twizzlers debate. People, this is a serious issue, and we need to stay FOCUSED.

Lately I have favored treats of the savory sort whilst at the cinema. There's always your classic popcorn, which I never buy for myself but occasionally help myself to heaping handfuls of if a friend has sprung for it. (And I really only eat it if it's been doused in cheese-flavored powder.) I recently ate a great hot dog at the New Beverly Cinema. Sometimes I enjoy a tray of nachos. Nachos are crunchy, however, and I always feel the need to finish them before the main attraction starts, which lends an unpleasant, rushed feeling to what should be a happy snacking experience. While a variety of gastronomic aromas in a theatre don't faze me, the sounds of crunching and chewing and wrappers being torn open and manhandled do -- I wouldn't want to be accused of being a West Coast Crinkler. Therefore, I think concession stands should offer a few items that are both savory and relatively quiet, such as French fries or onion rings. Deep-fried zucchini with bleu cheese dipping sauce! And bibs, and lots and lots of napkins.

On the sweet end of the scale, I think we need more variety in a certain kind of candy: namely, the kind that is small and can be doled out over the course of a movie. I have consumed innumerable boxes of Raisinets, Goobers, and Junior Mints over the years and enjoyed them all (although, Curtis, Raisinets do have a slight edge over Goobers in my book). But it's time for some new tastes. Would it be so hard to stock Peanut Butter M&Ms? And it's been ages since I saw a bag of Starbursts at the candy counter -- they're always a good choice when you're not in the mood for chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, as well as things that have gone the way of the dodo, would somebody please bring back Flicks? For those of you too young to remember, Flicks were shaped like jumbo chocolate chips and came in a brightly colored foil tube. I haven't seen them in years -- nay, decades! -- and nobody seems to remember them except me and my siblings. Flicks were good. Nice 'n' waxy, like the chocolate coating on Thin Mint cookies.

Then again, maybe I should just sneak in a spoon and a tub of this:

What would you like to see at the movie concession stand? And what's the most egregious food item you ever snuck into a moviehouse? (I'd have to say a hot pastrami sandwich with extra pickles.)


kb said...

I once took in a couple of turkey sandwiches and two bottles of iced tea in a very large purse. And, for the record, I totally remember Flicks! I was always a Reese's peanut butter cup fan myself - the four pack version was divine!

~ Lucy said...

I remember Flicks! I'd buy some but they seem to come in a 36 pack and that's just not a good idea. I'd hate to be taken out by a Flicks overdose.

Curtis said...

I once invited a friend to a midnight screening of Edward Scissorhands. He brought a date who brought a veritable picnic which included several courses and a variety of jars of dipping sauces spread out over the arms of multiple nearby seats. The budget for the picnic may have slightly surpassed that of the film.

And though I may be the only one on the planet to acknowledge it, Goobers rule.

area51 said...

Ice Cream bonbons were my favorite treat when I was a kid. You had to eat them fast before they melted. Happy memories.