Friday, January 05, 2007

Faded photographs

Yesterday my old friend Trooperdog had the guts to post his senior high school picture on his blog, so in this new year of being brave and accepting challenges (because that's the kind of person I always wanted to be, even though no one actually challenged me to post anything), I humbly offer you mine. I, fortunately, had my braces off by the time this photo was taken, but dig the fussy hair: nearly half an hour with a curling iron and hairspray each morning to curl everything under, forward, and back and then brush it perfectly into place. And the morning the photo was taken it took me damn near an hour to tie that silk bowtie -- I wanted to buck the current look of the time and be one of the few girls in my class not pictured in an angora sweater with a string of pearls.

I dare Lucy to post her picture!


Trooperdog said...

Who would have known that I would be such a trendsetter. Yes, I dare Lucy as well. Thanks for the pic and the memory, Shandon!!!

Will said...