Sunday, December 17, 2006

Countdown to Christmas

It has been a lovely, holiday-filled weekend. Usually around this time of year, I'm starting to feel like Scrooge: as much as I love Christmas, I just want it and New Year's to be over so life can get back to normal. Working a retail job is no doubt the main reason for my Grinchiness. But for some reason, this year I'm filled with holiday goodwill. I'm enjoying Christmas as I haven't in quite some time, and I'm still looking forward to doing some baking, looking at Christmas lights, and watching a holiday-themed movie or two. What has come over me?

On Friday I went with some friends to see Matthew Bourne's ballet Edward Scissorhands at the Ahmanson. I'm a huge fan of the movie so I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, but it was quite a pleasant experience. We sat 'way up in the balcony and almost dead center, so we had a great view of the stage and all the lighting effects. I'm glad the production used Danny Elfman's score liberally throughout the show; it's one of my favorite film scores ever.

Yesterday I worked in the morning (eeeeek) but got out of there before things got too hairy. Norman and I had lunch at an old barbecue joint, Hutch's, that we've been meaning to check out for a long time. Good BBQ pork and baked beans, but a bit drafty in our windowside seat -- it was cold and rainy out. After we ate, we got our hair cut at Studio 55. Curtis C., who owns the place, is a sweet guy who seems quite taken with Norman, and he gave both of us fabulous new 'dos for a great price. Afterwards, Norman, who was driving, volunteered to take me anywhere I wanted, so I made him go to Target and Toys R Us. Craziness! At Toys R Us I scored the very last Easy Bake Oven for my niece Cameron, and when I say "scored," I mean if we had been two minutes later we would not have gotten it. Who knew the old Easy Bake was still such a hot ticket? Last night Sean and I went to his friend Liz's tamale party, an annual event we always enjoy. Liz had no fewer than three Christmas trees in her house, and she incorporated her two Emmy awards into her Christmas decor on the living room mantle. We left a bit after 10 o'clock because the tamales were still steaming and would be at it at least another hour before anyone could eat them.

This morning dawned bright and sunny but cold; it was not yet 40 degrees out when I left for work. I put in about two hours of straightening and sprucing up my displays, then came home and baked a batch of brownies. Sean went out to Hollywood to videotape someone auditioning for a new Todd Solondz movie. Then Norman came over, and while we ate brownies and sipped eggnog, we decorated the Christmas tree and wrapped presents. I kept a cozy fire going in the fireplace and we listened to some Christmas tunes.

All in all, a quiet, low-key weekend, but I'm definitely in a holiday mood as we start the final countdown -- a good thing, as by all rights I should be PMSing right about now.

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area51 said...

You almost got me in the holiday spirit. I think I need more egg nog before I start wrapping the gifts.

PS-My son wants an easy bake oven but he can't get past the pink! When will they figure out that boys want to bake too, and not in something that looks like it belongs in Barbie's dream house!!!