Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Area man arrested for... something or other

On Sunday evening, at about a quarter to nine, Sean and Curtis decided to head out to meet some friends for karaoke and beer. A minute or so after they walked out the back door, they walked back in and Sean said they weren't going anywhere.

"Why?" I asked. "What happened?"

Sean said there were six police cars lining the street outside our house, including one that was blocking our driveway. A helicopter was flying overhead (how had I not heard it?), shining its light into the neighborhood. Clearly, Something Was Happening.

"Well, just ask them to move. I'm sure somebody will move that one car if you tell them you have to go somewhere," I said.

Sean thought that might not go over so well as a police officer was busy interrogating someone in our driveway.

I ran out into the backyard. Our driveway is at the far end of our property and I couldn't see who was being questioned out there, but I looked out our side gate and could see someone in handcuffs standing by one of the police cars. I peered a little more closely and could see it was one of our neighbors, an old hippie biker who lives a few doors down from us. I think his name is Steve. I don't know him at all except to wave hi to when I drive by.

The neighborhood was pretty dark and I couldn't see much, but I did see several police officers waving flashlights around in Steve's front yard. Other than that, there didn't seem to be a lot going on. If it was a raid, it was the quietest, most polite raid ever. I hung around for a few minutes, hoping something exciting would happen. Eventually, one of the police officers put Steve in a squad car and drove him away. Almost immediately, another police car showed up and parked in its place. I got bored and went inside to watch TV. An hour later, all the cop cars were gone.

Here's my quandary: How hard should I work to learn what went down? Part of me wants desperately to know the facts of the case, but an even bigger part of me is enjoying imagining all sorts of sordid possibilities. Drugs? C'mon, six police cars for a couple of old hippies growing some weed in the backyard? Domestic violence? More likely, but also so sadly mundane. Terrorists plotting world domination? Now that would shake up the neighborhood.

What do you think happened?


~ Lucy said...

I would TOTALLY need to know what happened. Check you local Police Blotter. My mom turned me on to it and it's what I read when I'm getting my car washed. Then again, you live in a pretty big city, your blotter may be too big.

As for scenarios, Steve could have been operating a meth lab or maybe a child pornography ring. How 'bout writing threatening letters to the President? Go Steve!

Chris said...

Yeah, I would definitely try to find out what happened. Would any other neighbors know???