Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Five things

Stolen from Suse.

Five things I wish were in my freezer:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
leftover myocardial infarction soup
toaster waffles
Trader Joe's orange chicken
a New York-style cheesecake

Five things that shouldn't be in my wardrobe:
ratty old brown wool cardigan
turquoise/green/white striped linen pants from Talbot's
decomposing pale blue cropped jeans
t-shirt promoting porn film company
wedding dress that I never lost enough weight to fit into

Five things I hate about my car:
can't fold down the back seat to extend trunk room
the cracked and dragging plastic under-car cover
no cup holders in back seat
various scratches and dings along the front bumper
how desperately in need of a wash it is

Five things I should throw out of my handbag/purse/briefcase/backpack:
old gum
used Kleenex
broken barrettes
every receipt I have acquired in the past month
frequent buyer card for sandwich shop that's gone out of business

Five things I don't want to admit are in my bathroom:
athlete's foot cream
ear wax removal kit
ridiculously small bathtub
scale that remembers how much I weighed last time I stepped on it

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