Thursday, July 27, 2006

No, thank you

Today I was asked, "What is the worst pickup line you've ever heard?"

It happened at work. I was writing up an order for The 50 Mile Rule for this guy (so I'm already thinking, "Ewwwww") when he said to me in what I'm sure he thought was a most seductive tone, "You know, that little bit of grey in your hair is very attractive."

"Thanks," I said. "We'll let you know when your book arrives. Can I help whoever is next?"

The saddest pickup line I ever got, one that almost made me want to give the poor guy a hug, also occurred at work. A semi-regular customer who I knew by sight was following me around one Saturday morning while I was shelving books, and we were chit-chatting. "Would you like to have a cup of coffee sometime?" he asked.

"Well, I'm married. Thanks, though," I said.

He looked pretty bummed for a moment. Then I saw a flash of hope in his eyes and he asked, "Happily?"


Curtis said...

Thanks to the link you thoughfully included in your post, I discovered that helpfully offers to sell you both the 50 Mile Rule and How to Have an Affair and Never Get Caught for one low price. I would think just having a copy of one (let alone both) of these books would be a sure fire way to get caught. I mean, where does one keep one's library of how-to-cheat-on-your-spouse books?

Will said...

If you need a book to have an affair you probably shouldn't be having one. In fact, don't have one.

~ Lucy said...

I might have been tempted to say "Congratulations, you just bumped my old fave off the 'worst' list." What a moron!

area51 said...

That guy is a pig.