Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hotter'n Hades

I have this nifty digital thermometer that shows the temperature both outside and inside. The inside monitor sits in my kitchen, always the hottest room in the house; the outside one lives on my potting bench, which is always shady and probably the coolest spot in the yard. When I got home from work today a little after noon, it was about 90 degrees in the kitchen -- yuck -- and 98.7 degrees at the potting bench. I decided to conduct a little experiment and moved the outside monitor to the edge of one of my wooden planter boxes, which sits in direct sunlight right in the middle of the backyard. Within seconds the temperature started climbing: 103 degrees, 107, 112... When it got to 124.7 degrees I started to worry that the monitor might break so I moved it back into the shade by the back door. We're now back to a relatively "cool" 109 degrees.

This is not normal. This is global warming, Messrs Bush and Cheney.


area51 said...

I am melting. Today we went to a company picnic. They had had a Hawaiian theme with hula dancers. The male fire dancer dropped his torch 2 times because it was too hot to hold in 108 degree temps- The grass then caught fire- twice! (At Brookside Park in Pasadena). We came home to no power and a very hot house. At 1 AM power was finally restored, we tossed all food from fridge in the trash. It is 3 AM and I think it has cooled to about 75 degrees outside. Tomorrow we are going to fry eggs on the driveway for breakfast.

Crazy Pastor Chris said...

I'm melting too. It has been between 98-104 for the past 4 days here in Portland. Luckily we have air conditioning, but most homes around here don't! Could you cool it off a bit before I come down in a few weeks??? :-)