Monday, July 17, 2006

Book of the week

From the back cover:
Are you a parent? Are you thirsty? Too many of us allow our infant sons and daughters to lay about idly -- napping, drinking milk and sometimes "turning over." Why not have them mix you a cocktail? Thanks, Baby!
Best board book ever! It's part of the Baby Be of Use series; other titles include Baby, Make Me Breakfast and Baby, Fix My Car.


Norman said...

When I start to get tipsy, I say, "Baby, FIX me a(nother) drink, and MIX my car."

Feral Mom said...

Can you really teach them to make a drink? Because I'd be all over that!

area51 said...

Thanks for telling us @ that great book. It looks like a kids board book- how funny!!! My niece is turning 1 next week, I got a kid pressie and I got this book as a pressie for mom & dad.

The lovely people at Vromans had to direct me to humor as I was trying to find this tome in cooking and entertaining!