Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bad auntie

Earlier today I used my old digital camera, which I haven't touched in over two years, to take some pictures at work. When uploading said pics to my computer this evening, I realized there were some old photos on the memory card that were taken a couple of years ago at my grandma's 100th birthday party... including this one.

Cameron was four-and-a-half when I shot this. We were eating lunch the day before the big celebration at Buca di Beppo in (I think) Livonia, Michigan. Cameron had been cranky all day and claimed to have a splinter in her middle finger, which she held up for me to see. "Oh, let me take a picture of that, sweetie," I said, grabbing the camera. "It'll make your finger feel much better." WHATEVER, her bored expression seems to imply, while Mary's face appears to embody the notion of, "This is going to come back and bite me." I still think it would make a great Christmas card.


Feral Mom said...

This is awesome.

area51 said...

Very Funny indeed!!!! Mary must be so proud of this picture.

Will said...

oh I love that picture

~ Lucy said...

Possibly my all time favorite photo.

See, that's why you and I choose not to have children. We would be arrested with the stuff we talk our kids into doing. Oh, and the Christamas card idea? Genius! I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Mr Maskrado said...

I wish Cameron hadn't given up on coming to Storytime.

I could use a kid like her, for honest opinions.

I mean, look at her--she's Punk Rock without being self-conscious!

PS. Still not as funny as the baby with the Face-hugger from Alien.

Crazy Pastor Chris said...

Wow. Great pic. Plus, it reminded me that I haven't seen Mary in 22 years. Not sure I would have recognized her!