Thursday, May 25, 2006


Seven things I want to do before I die:
learn to play the mandolin
visit Australia & New Zealand
help elect a GOOD president
see a play on Broadway
go on a diner-fueled cross-country road trip
switch to solar power
write a book

Seven things I cannot do:
light a lighter
use the grill without burning food and/or myself
swim in the ocean (because of Jaws)
figure out the speed-dial at work
bring myself to pay for valet parking
get a good night's sleep

Seven things that attract me to a friend:
a sense of humor
common interests
shared contempts
overt enthusiasm
a sense of spontaneity, especially when it comes to doing something silly

Seven things I say most often:
"To be honest..."
"Well, actually..."
"Shut up!" (usually shouted at the moment I realize I am defeated in an argument)
"I can't remember where, but somewhere I read that..."
"That would mean [dramatic pause] to make an effort."
"You have to read this!"
"I love you."

Seven monstrosities:
poverty and hunger in the U.S.A.
ditto for the rest of the world
corporate bastards getting away with it
the inexplicable allure of Paris Hilton
the lack of good public transportation in L.A.

Seven things I could do all day:
watch TV shows in their entirety on DVD
take the train along the CA coast
eat chips and guacamole
futz around on the computer

Thanks, Trooperdog!

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Your welcome!