Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I meme mine

I stole this meme from mama_tulip. Don't worry -- I won't tag anyone with it.

I AM: a chronic daydreamer.

I WANT: to become more self-sufficient.

I WISH: I could lose weight without, you know, making an effort.

I HATE: people who are rude and cruel to others, especially those with little power.

I MISS: my parents. It's been 10 years since Mom and 5 years since Dad died, but I think of them all the time... probably more now than I did a few years ago.

I FEAR: dying alone.

I HEAR: humming in my ears when I get into bed at night; I think I have tinnitus.

I WONDER: what my life would have been like if I'd had kids.

I REGRET: not continuing my education.

I AM NOT: a naturally gregarious person.

I DANCE: about as well as I do housework... which is to say, not well and not often enough.

I SING: all the time when I'm alone, but rarely in front of others.

I CRY: far too easily, and usually over the stupidest things.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: aware of how I come across to others, and it sometimes gets me in trouble.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: food, music, and crafts.

I WRITE: better than I speak. I am frequently tongue-tied and inarticulate, but give me a pencil and enough time and I can usually say something well.

I CONFUSE: Sinclair Lewis and Upton Sinclair.

I NEED: time alone to recharge.

I SHOULD: finish planting my vegetable garden so we'll have food to eat when the gas runs out and the lights go off and society collapses.

I START: many more things than I finish.

I FINISH: projects and lose interest in them. That's why I have a trunk full of completed needlework pieces that I'll never do anything with, and blank books that I've bound but never written a word in.

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Chris Hyde said...

I love this! I learned EVEN MORE about you from reading this!

BTW...sorry to hear about your parents...I had no idea!