Thursday, May 04, 2006


Uh-oh... number 13 is BLOGGER. From the book:

"Skills required: Ability to upload thoughts, vapors, resentments, insights, lack of insights, stuff you've heard, stuff you haven't heard, truth, lies, fiction, semifact, appropriated wisdom, logrolling, political and sociological venom, self-promotion, and other cultural effluvia on a blank screen day in and day out; must possess the impression that one's quotidian brain activity is of interest to others. Helps to be funny but when that is impossible, being hateful often suffices."

Other bullshit jobs, according to this book, include ayurvedic healer, best-selling author, construction site flag waver, game show host, motivational speaker, performance artist, poker teacher, royalty/heir, vice president of the United States, and (my favorite, at least this afternoon) The Guy Who Says Your Car Will Be Ready by Noon.

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